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The raw food diet has been the my key to happiness and leading the life I've always dreamed of.

by Frederic Patenaude

Does this sound familiar?

My family couldn't understand why I wanted to follow a raw food diet. Neither could my friends, or the people I met everywhere. I actually got funny looks from them...

It didn't matter that I was healthier than them, or that I looked better...all that mattered was I was doing something different. People usually don't react to different very well.

I refused the burger, and instead opted for a salad.

I refused beer, and opted for fruit.

The most important thing was that I felt better. I had so much:

  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Confidence

I'm unbelievably happy I stuck with it. Not only for my sake, but for my hundreds of succesful, healthy, and most importantly, happy students.

Imagine if I had listened to my friends and family when they urged me to be like them? To eat what they ate? To live how they lived? Oh boy...

Today I'm a published author of 5 books, have mentored hundreds of successful students who are living the lives of their dreams, and my highly successful Raw Vegan Mentor Club has over 250 happy members.

In fact, I started my career in the raw food movement at the young age of 20 (I'm now 32), and since then I've:

  • Published and edited the magazine Just Eat An Apple from 1998 until 2002.
  • Built a list of over 30,000 readers to my online newsletters
  • Have created 27 courses and programs on the topic of raw food and personal development.
  • Worked and studied with some of the top leaders and thinker in the raw food movement, including Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, among many others.
  • I have achieved a level of health, energy and mental clarity I could only dream of when I first started.

It's time for you to make a choice.

I know it's not easy to do something most of your friends and family think you're crazy for doing. That's one of the main reasons, among others, why I created this club.

Let me tell you something sincerely...

They're Crazy...Not You!

As a society we need to take drastic measures to improve our diets and lifestyles, but it can only begin with one person at a time. It starts with you.

There are countless benefits to the raw food diet, most you're undoubtedly aware of.

Weight loss is rapid, and with our current obesity rates skyrocketing many turn to a raw food diet to lose weight. It works.

Others turn to a raw food diet to detox; to rid their bodies of the unwanted toxins that are practically unavoidable in our everyday lives.It works.

Some just want to look and feel better, and have more energy, which is why I first turned to this type of lifestyle. You guessed it,It works.

The main obstacle is finding a way to stick with it. You must be part of a community of people who want to succeed...and want you to succeed as well.

That's why I created the Raw Vegan Mentor Club. Are you ready to:

Join Others Committed To Achieving Their Potential Through A Raw Food Diet Just As Much As You Are?

We laugh, we cry... we make amazing progress in improving our health...and we have fun doing it.

In addition to the tons of stuff I'll be giving you monthly (more on that in a minute), you'll be able to ask me any questions you have. Being that I've been in the industry succeeding for more than a decade, chances are I'll be able to answer it. If not, you'll get a speedy response from one of the hundreds of other members...

Bottom line, you're not alone.

Are you looking for:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved skin appearance
  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Avoid degenerative diseases as you get older

Who wouldn't?

Lets go over everything you get as part of your Raw Vegan Mentor Clubmembership. But first, take a look at what some of our members have to say:

"Last September I Came in Second in my
Category for a 5K Race!"

I am a fairly energetic older woman who loves to work out and take part in outdoor sports. But with arthritic shoulders, it was getting increasingly harder to maintain my level of activity. After four cortisone shots, the doctor told me the next step was surgery. My daughter had mentioned the raw food diet to me and suggested that I go to Frederic's web site and have a look. Well, I was shocked and amazed that there was this whole new world out there and I found it very appealing.

I am a member of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club and I feel fortunate to have Frederic in my life. He is my personal life coach. The monthly meal planner is worth it's weight and mine in gold.

I have been raw for over two years now and last September I came in second in my category in a 5K race. I had not been in a race for over 10 years and it was so exciting to receive my first medal. I have maintained my weight, even after the holidays. My skin is radiant and people constanly comment on how good I look, how I seem to have found the fountain of youth. My husband and daughter are raw as well and none of us take any medications at all. My husband is finally free of his reflux and his arthritic toe is working once again.

I have many raw food prep books, but I haven't found anyone to compare with Frederic Patenaude. He balances the low fat with fruits and vegetables and has the most delicious recipes I have ever tasted. Thank you Frederic.

Patricia Swords

"The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Has Helped Me Increase My Energy Levels!"

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club has helped me increase my energy levels. I have active seronegative arthritis only in my left knee and right wrist. I am also thalassaemia minor. The raw vegan lifestyle has helped me reduce the swelling and inflammation in my left knee dramatically.

My favorite part is the monthly menu planners. These really help me to organize and plan what I'm going to eat! Left to my own devices I'd be more likely to stray into cooked food. I also love the e-books and interviews, and the other members-only exclusives.

Please, try it for a month and see what a tremendous impact it can make in your life!

Michael Cheah
Personal Trainer

"The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Has the Most Personable and Warm Support"

I have purchased many books and materials from many raw food advocates: Ann Wigmore, David Wolfe, Doug Graham, Alissa Cohen, the Boutenkos... All held some useful information but the Raw Vegan Mentor Club really has the most personable and warm support. Plus, it contains realistic information, easy-to-follow recipes and clear action-oriented guides. I also appreciate the fact that every communication is not a sales pitch, and that you get lots of value for the money.

Sighle Mleziva
Health Coach
Two Rivers,Wisconsin

"Always Something New and Exciting"

The recipes and menu plans have been very helpful, I'm not a vegan but 98% raw and these have helped to give me much more variety in my diet. Although I have done extensive study in the nutritional field, others personal experiences with raw diets and their pitfalls has been very helpful. You are always coming up with something new and exciting for us.

It is really worth it. The support and emails will help you to stay focused on eating raw even on the days that it gets hard , which can be many.

Raelle Connolly
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand

"The Most Comprehensive Package to Help You Transition to Raw, Enjoy Raw and Stay Raw"

The Raw Vegan Mentor Club helps me stay raw in a non-raw family. It is the most complete resource that I found: the other things were only parts to the big picture of being raw.

Of all the raw information out there, the Mentor Club offers the most comprehensive package to help you transition to raw, enjoy raw and stay raw!

Melanie Walters
Richmond Hill
Internet Marketer

"The Raw Food Diet Can Be Very Simple and Easy to Do"

The resources provided in the Raw Vegan Mentor Club (the menu planner, the e-mails, and especially the newsletter) have helped me plan for meals and lined me out about raw food.

I was really mixed up because there are so many different diverging opinions. You have really helped me to see that the raw food diet can be very simple and easy to do.

Debbie Blank

"Advice good for both beginners as well as more experienced raw-foodists"

I love the common sense tips that I have gotten from the Raw Vegan Mentor Club. I appreciate that there are no torturous procedures or other over the-top-items that are pushed with his ideas.

Fred's mentoring is very well balanced and makes sense without being so complex to turn people away. His advice is great for both beginners as well as more experienced raw-foodists

Judy Patterson
Conway, South Carolina

"The Raw Vegan Mentor Club Has Helped Me Overcome the Obstacles"

I just became a member of the Raw Food Mentor Club. The practical tips and information provided is fabulous!

I've been 'trying' to be raw for about 2 years with many up and down swings and The Raw Food Mentor Club has helped me overcome the obstacles, get re-energized about raw, and get lots of new useful ideas. Thanks so much!

Julie Chavanu

"Raw Vegan Mentor Club" Benefit #1
Exclusive Monthly Printed Newsletter ($97 Value)

Raw Food Monthly Newsletter

This is what separates us from the pack.

Every month you'll receive the members-only newsletter shipped directly to your home. There is not anyone else in the raw food movement that offers this.

...this is up to the minute, cutting edge, hold-on-to your-seat raw food information that isn't available anywhere else.

None of my other members ever see this stuff, it's reserved ONLY for you, a member of my "inner circle".

It's also professionally formatted and laid out so it's easy to read...and because you deserve the best.

You can also download it directly each month without waiting for it to be sent to your door.

"Incredible Amount of Information"

If you are sincere about the raw food lifestyle, I would encourage you to avail yourself of the incredible amount of information and counsel prepared and delivered to the Raw Vegan Mentor Club members.

As a member, I was impressed by the fact that I received both the digital and hard copy of the newsletter. Because I am not always near the computer the portability of the print copy is very handy and helpful.

Bobbie Cook
Banner Elk, North Carolina

"Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #2
Raw Food Menu Planners ($67 Value)

Do you have trouble deciding what to eat?

Do you worry about creating delicious raw foods that you'll actually enjoy? Well...

Each month you'll get an entire menu planner, so you can prepare delicious raw food meals that will astound anyone who tastes them!

Follow the entire menu for a month and watch your energy levels soar, and your waistline decrease ...I guarantee it.

Every month I'll send you a new menu planner including a:

Raw Food Menu Planner
  • Shopping list
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Ingredients
  • Calendar

All the ingredients are easily obtained in any store, and all the meals are very easy to make.

Following a raw food diet is hard enough without having to choose the proper ingredients and following the proper recipes all alone...we're all busy people!.

Let me handle all that for you...

If you already have a diet/routine set in place, you can pick and choose what recipes to implement, giving you total freedom to adjust your diet as you see fit.

"The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is a Godsend!" 

I love the monthly menu planner of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club! It helps me organize my meals for each week. I do not have to think about what to prepare for lunch or dinner. I have tried other raw food menus but some are too complicated. The Raw Vegan Mentor Club is a godsend! I love the newsletter every month. Please do not hesitate to sign up. You will get a wealth of information to live a healthy life.

Lyma Mack
Brooklyn, New York

"Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #3
Monthy Recipe eBooks and Videos ($47 Value)

This is an exciting new part of the Mentor Club! We realized that having good recipes is very important to succeed and have fun on the raw food diet.

Every month, we bring you a brand-new recipe eBook. The eBooks are in standard letter format and never longer than 20 pages (containing only good recipes), allowing you to print them easily.

Every three months, instead of the recipe eBook, you'll get access to a brand-new videos where I'll show you some of my favorite recipes on the screen!

Here are some of our upcoming titles:

Raw Food Menu Planner
  • Low Fat Salad Dressings
  • Savory Dinner Recipes
  • Fat-Free Dinner Recipes
  • Delicious high-energy recipes
  • Indian-style raw recipes
  • And more!

    "Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #4
    Raw Vegan Nutrition Special Reports
    ($97 Monthly Value)

    This part of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club is the proof that our program is by far the most complete source of information on the subject available anywhere.

    We've created a series of very detailed special reports that cover almost every single aspect of the raw vegan lifestyle.

    Some of the topics include:

    • The Top-5 Best Exercises
    • How to travel on the raw food diet
    • The transition symptoms of going raw
    • How to clear confusion in the raw food movement
    • Juice feasting
    • And more!
    Raw Food Menu Planner

There are a total of 25 special reports, presented to you every week, and more will be added in the future. Armed with that information, you literally cannot fail!

"Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #5
Interview With Health And Success Gurus
($47 Value)

Raw Food InterviewsAbout six times a year I sit down with the top experts in the Raw Food industry and I grill them. I'm talking about the questions you want to know, and everyone else is afraid to ask.

The interviews go in depth about topics such as raw food nutrition, fitness, alternative health and personal growth.

You will receive these interviews as they are ready, in addition to your monthly printed newsletter and your monthly menu planner.

Each interview is automatically available to you in .mp3 format.

Listen to them on your iPod, while EXERCISING, or taking your daily walk!

"Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #6
Professional Transcription Of All Interviews
($27 Value)

Every interview is also professionally transcribed and offered as a beautiful ebook version, that you can print out to read at your convenience.

If you’ve seen some of the programs I have done, you know that this is not your “average” transcript. Every transcript I produce is professionally edited and laid out beautifully in a very easy to read format.

"Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #7
$1000+ In Members-Only Discounts

The Monthly Mentor Club gives you access to discounts on most of my other products and services. If you want to get other courses, books, Toothsoap, and almost everything that I sell, the discounts range from 10 to 50%.

"Raw Food Monthly" Benefit #8 - The Big One
Members Only Forum And Discussion Area

This is what sets this club apart from all others.

- Personal attention.

- Riveting discussion.

- Commitment to success.

- Reassuring goals.

- Answering questions.

It wasn't easy for me to succeed, and I know that with my help and the help of the other members, you will succeed.

Usually new members will just browse, learn, and take it all in. Soon after they're asking questions and getting involved in discussions. Not long after that, they're the ones answering questions and helping out new members. That's how it happens... that's how it will work for you.

I'm always around monitoring the forum and lending a hand everywhere I can.

Ask anything, I'll answer it. Need motivation? I'll provide it. Remember, you're about to join my private Raw Vegan Mentor Club, meaning not only do you get direct access to me but the entire inner circle community!

Special Limited Offer!

You get our Raw Smoothie Cards FREE! Plus, Get Instant Access to this FREE $1200 Raw Food Package!

Raw Power Smoothie Cards

I've created a unique deck of cards, color coded with my favorite raw smoothies smoothie recipes.

Just pick a new card every morning and replace your breakfast with one of my raw smoothies. You'll feel a burst of raw energy and your friends will start commenting on your renewed appearance in just 7 days.

This deck of Smoothie cards sells separately for $24.95 + shipping but you can get it free (including shipping) to cover our printing and shipping costs.

PLUS: Get instant access to your free $1200 Raw Food Diet Package

Raw Food Smoothie Cards

You Will Get Over $1200 Worth Of Free Bonuses For Trying Out The Raw Vegan Mentor Club...These Products Took Me Over 7 Years to Compile!

Here's everything that's included in your special offer. These bonuses are downloadable immediately right after you complete your order!

Raw Food Smoothie Cards

Healthy Salad Dressings
$19.95 Value

This is one of my top-selling eBooks. It includes over 70 delicious healthy RAW salad dressings that can be prepared in less than 2 minutes with ingredients that are easy to find!

No-BS Guide

The No-BS Guide to Raw Foods
$19.95 Value

This is a unique eBook, adapted from my original Sunfood Cuisine book. It contains a complete list of all fruits, vegetables and other raw foods available with their health value and other interesting tips and facts.

Gourmet Raw Cuisine

Easy Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine
$19.95 Value

This eBook is also adapted from my original Sunfood Cuisine book... and goes in details on the making of gourmet raw cuisine!

Gourmet Raw Cuisine

The Raw Winter Recipe Guide
$29.95 Value

Over 75 recipes are included in this eBook... specially designed for those long cold winters. All recipes are made from ingredients that are easy to find in the winter, and are designed to keep you warm! Also includes other tips about staying raw during the winter, and even a video on what to do with winter vegetables.

Gourmet Raw Cuisine

Exotic Raw Recipes
$29.95 Value

This eBook is filled with delicious exotic recipes made from those exotic fruits and vegetables you never knew what to do with! Some of my favorite meals are included...

Gourmet Raw Cuisine

7 Gourmet Raw Recipes Everyone Should Know
$19.95 Value

Want to impress a friend? Make them one of these 7 gourmet raw recipes. I've tested them dozens of times and they are by far the most widely loved and any of them will be perfect to bring at a potluck or for a special occasion.


Wait... There's More!

Gourmet Raw Cuisine

Exclusive Video Bonuses
$120 Value

Get access to exclusive video bonuses of presentations I gave around the world. Including:

- Principles of Natural Health
- Vibrant Living Expo Conference on "How to End Confusion About Nutrition"
- “High Fruit or High Fat”
- And more!

These videos can be watched online or download to your computer (for example: to watch on your iPod). You can even download the slides for each presentation separately!

Gourmet Raw Cuisine

The 21 Best Detox Diets
$47 Value

This is one of my all-time best-selling eBooks. It contains over 21 powerful detox diets you can use for releasing weight, increasing energy and rejuvenating the body.

Also included are specific detox recipes, and what type of detox diet to use for particular health challenges. A classic you will want to refer to over and over again!


Raw Food Interviews

Raw Health Mastermind Interviews
$197 Value

This is a collection of amazing interviews that I did for a program that sold for $197 called Raw Health Mastermind. It includes my classic in-depth interview with Dr. Graham, where you'll learn about the relationship between fitness and nutrition with great insights that could turn you from an out-of-shape, average American into an active, happy fitness enthusiast!


Raw Food Interviews

12+ Hours of Audio and Transcripts of Interviews
$350 Value

You'll get instant access to the first volume of Interviews With Health and Success Gurus. Each interview features its own transcript! Including:

- How to avoid dental decay, with Tom Cornwell
- Interview with Anne Osborne on the fruitarian diet
- And much more: Over 12 hours of interviews

Raw Food Menu PlannerRaw Food Monthly Newsletter

Instant Access to the Raw Vegan Mentor Club Material

Of course, you'll get FREE access for 30 days to the Raw Vegan Mentor Club, where you can download:

- The latest menu planner

- The latest member's newsletter

- The latest interview

- And more!

Ready to get started? Great!

I'm so glad you're about to join my Raw Vegan Mentor Club. It is truly the most comprehensive, most personal raw food club available anywhere on the globe.

Going "Raw" and teaching others has been my life's passion. Believe me, feeling and looking good is infectious...once you catch the itch there's no getting rid of it.

How much would you be willing to pay for a resource like this? When I got serious about the raw food diet, I paid someone $500 a month to mentor me, and it changed my life forever.

I'm offering to mentor you personally, the same way I was, and provide you with all five member benefits, and give you $1200 in exclusive bonuses...all for the low monthly price of 29.95

That's less than the cost of a movie for two. Let me ask you, is it worth skipping one movie this month to join my inner circle? To improve your health and your life? Give it a shot, you really have nothing to lose. Here's why:

100% Money Back Guarantee

Frederic PatenaudeBecome part of the Raw Vegan Mentor Club for 30 days, for only $29.95. Your membership will renew automatically for only $29.95 every 30 days.

If you don't agree that you're getting at least 10 times the value, or if you're not completely satisfied in any way, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Just contact my support desk at www.replytofred.com

This is my inner circle...my inner circle of friends that I personally mentor.

You will succeed with this diet and lifestyle, you have my word on that. All it takes is getting the right materials and joining the right group of people...and with my money back guarantee you can feel confident and secure when joining my inner circle.

So, look all you want for a catch... you won't find one. But what you will find is the most complete set of resources and ongoing support for succeeding and thriving on the raw food diet.

You owe it to yourself to try this program today. You've got nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Give me the word... let's get started!

Try Now the Monthly Raw Food Mentor Club












With the yearly option, you pay once and that's it. Become a member for a full year, receive 12 newsletter and get access to our monthly menu planers and resources. At the end of the year, we will send you an invitation to join again for another year, but there's no obligation to continue and no auto-renew.


When you order any of our subscriptions, you're also protected with our full 30-day guarantee. If you feel that for any reason you're not satisfied with the program, just contact us to cancel your membership.

Fred's Signature

Frederic Patenaude

P.S. Remember, your membership is backed by my 100% no questions asked guarantee. There is absolutely no risk...if you're not happy for any reason you can cancel at any time. If becoming healthier and happier through the raw food diet is important to you,

Frederic Patenaude &
Raw Vegan

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